21 December 2022

Preparation of Bridge Manual for Raiway Bridges, Arches, Tunnels and Culverts, Malaysia

The Challenge

The entire KIMB consists of a meter gauge railway about 1700 km in length. On its route, there are about 1000 bridges, 3000 culverts  and 16 tunnels.

The maintenance activities as well as the repairs could not be camied out by the staff as the know-how and training was lacking and there was no guidebook or manual available for the bridge personnel to study.


Project Approach

  • A guidebook or a Bridge Manual for Maintenance of KTVB bridges was therefore an urgent necessity to keep the bridges in good fettle and remove speed restriction on the distressed bridges.
  • KIMB have appointed the team of KL Consult Sdn. Bhd. and Balaji Railroad Systems Limited, India for the preparation of this Bridge Manual.
  • The prepared Bridge Manual had been exhaustive, covered all aspects of KIMB bridges, design criteria, rehabilitation and maintenance. This was also included in the details of training to be provided fo relevant Bridge personnel.