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BARSYL Website Privacy Policy

BARSYL Website Privacy Policy

This Internet Website is owned and maintained by Balaji Railroad Systems Limited, Hyderabad India. (BARSYL)

At BARSYL.IN, we value and respect your rights to privacy, security and believe in top class service. We want you to feel as comfortable and secure as possible while visiting our site. Therefore, please spare a few moments to read our Privacy Policy.

Right to Change Policy
BARSYL.IN is constantly innovating and enhancing the services we provide. As such, we reserve the right to revise our Privacy Policy to match the services that we provide. To ensure that you are aware of any updates, we encourage you to check our Privacy Policy during every visit to the site.

Regardless of how this policy may change and evolve over time, BARSYL.IN will not collect or maintain your private and personal identifiable information without your consent. Should you submit personal information to BARSYL.IN, we will hold it in the strictest of confidence and will not sell, license or disclose said information to any third party without your prior consent.

Visitors to our Site are free to browse without submitting personal information. We do not require or collect your personal identifiable information, such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses or the like, unless, you agree to submit such information.

BARSYL.IN uses browser cookies to facilitate your experience while using our website. Cookies are small sections of code that our server sends to your browser to be stored on your hard drive. These cookies do not collect, store or maintain your private, personal identifiable information.

We use Cookies only to tell us how and when pages in our website have been viewed and by how many people. This information will allow us to improve our site and services.

You are not required to accept these cookies to visit or use the BARSYL.IN site and you may refuse our cookie, delete our cookie from your hard drive or turn off the BARSYL.IN cookie at any time by updating your user profile preferences.

Anonymous information collected from cookies is used to:

  1. Collect broad demographic information about user trends,
  2. Count the number of users to our website and
  3. Enhance and improve our website service.

Our Contact Us page
Any personal information that you provide to us in the course of contacting BARSYL.IN will be used only for the purposes for which it was submitted. We may store the information, but we will not use it for any other purposes or disclose it to any third parties.

All reasonable care is taken by our staff in handling your personal information to ensure its offline and online security.

This Privacy Policy pertains only to BARSYL.IN.