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Ethics Policy

BARSYL Ethics policy


BARSYL is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and professional practices including the provision of safe working conditions and the protection of employees’ rights across its different locations. BARSYL conducts its business in accordance with the provisions of this Code of Ethical Policy (“the Code”) and expects its stakeholders and business partners to observe the Code’s provisions and to demonstrate a similar commitment to an ongoing program of ensuring and, where necessary, improving, ethical and environmental practices.


BARSYL will not engage in business with individuals and institutions who do not meet the 9 point “Code” outlined below:

Belief in
  • An open office culture
  • Human Resources as our major assets
  • Training, to face the future with confidence
  • Empowerment for growth
  • Safety & hygiene at workplace
  • Integrity & discipline in business practices
  • Spirit of trust and team building
  • Hard work & innovation
  • Quality in every sphere of work

The objectives of the Code are:

  • To set out a clear statement of BARSYL policy, and
  • To promote the adoption and improvement of ethical practices throughout the organisation, and
  • To implement effective processes for improvement of business practices

The Code applies to all areas of BARSYL’s business and to its direct stakeholders, business partners, as well as to goods and services sourced by BARSYL. It is required from all direct Suppliers to observe the provisions of this Code and that such Suppliers, in turn, obtain similar compliance with its provisions from their Suppliers. All parties to whom this Code applies are required to comply with applicable national and international laws. Where the provisions of this Code afford greater protection than national law, the terms of this Code prevail.


This Code of conduct defines the standards of behavior everyone who works for BARSYL must follow in all areas of operation. This Code tells our clients and communities in which we work that we are committed to following only the highest ethical standards, we expect the same standards from all of our business partners.

BARSYL has a reputation of operating with honesty and integrity, which is built on continually strengthening our ethical rules and procedures. Our reputation is based on the trust we have earned from our clients. It is fundamental to our business and among our greatest assets.

BARSYL has zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices, discrimination or harassment of any kind in our work. We apply this Code without exception and we benchmark ourselves to ensure we meet the highest standards.

Every individual in BARSYL attaches the utmost importance to this Code in clarifying the standards expected from them.